Cost of Disaster Events in New Zealand

Natural disasters in New Zealand cost the insurance industry millions of dollars in claims.

The table below lists natural disasters which have occurred in New Zealand since 1968, including storms, floods, tornadoes and snowstorms and the costs to the insurance industry arising from these events.

Claims history (Updated September 2013)

Original $m.
Inflation Adjusted as at. 31/12/2011 $m.
2013Nationwide storm14-16 October12.4
2013Nationwide storm11-12 September74.5
2013Cook Strait earthquake16 August16.2
2013Cook Strait earthquake21 July14.9
2013Nationwide storms20-22June39.3
2013North Island Floodsn4-7 May2.9
2013Nelson/Bay of Plenty storm and floods19-22 April46.2
2012Auckland Tornado6 Dec8.7
2011Canterbury Earthquake accumulated totalvarious [2010 - 2011] 17,000 [Insurers] 12,000 [EQC] 
2011Storm/FloodingBay of Plenty to Northland29 Jan19.820.11
2011Flooding, Hawkes Bay26-27 Apr6.46.45
2011Flooding Mid-Upper North Island 23 Jan6.97.01
2011Taranaki tornados19 Jun1.61.60
2011Nelson Floods 15-16 Dec16.8 16.8
2011Auckland tornado3 May66.04
2010Flooding North & South Islands24-27 May5.55.80
2010Southland Storm18 Sept49.351.46
2010Gisborne Flooding 13/14 Oct 0.250.26
2010Wellington Thunderstorm12 Mar1.21.27
2010Flooding - Northland/Coromandel/Eastern BOP1 June 12.513.18
2009Taranaki Tornado21 Jul0.50.53
2009Fiordland Earthquake15 Juy1.51.60
2009North Island Storms11/12 Juy1.71.82
2009Bay of Plenty Hail Storm11 May2.32.47
2009Kaitaia Tornado4 Jul0.00750.01
2008Nationwide Storms 30-Jul - 1-Aug 46.350.29
2008Flooding Nth Canterbury and Marlborough [prelim.] 26-Aug0.80.87
2008North Island Storms26-27-Jul26.729.02
2008Hastings Earthquake25-Aug0.230.25
2008Cambridge Tornado17-Oct1.031.11
2008Canterbury hail storm17-Nov11.212.07
2007Storm event - Far North29-Mar12.514.33
2007Flooding - Nelson & New Plymouth23-May1.11.25
2007High Winds Event, Central North and Lower South Islands23-24-Oct4.85.41
2007Gisborne earthquake20 Dec30.534.11
2007Flooding Hawkes Bay17-Jul1.11.25
2007Storm event - Far North / Auckland / Coromandel10 -12-Jul60.568.65
2007Frost claims - Otago & Canterbury7 - 9-Jul77.94
2007Tornado events4 - 5-Jul8.39.42
2006Flooding - Oamaru / Dunedin26-Apr1.82.11
2006Storms North & South Islands12-Jun42.549.36
2006Windstorm damage - Mid to Upper North Island9-Nov3.43.91
2006Storm/Flood events - Wellington, Manawatu, Wairarapa5-7-Jul2.73.13
2005Coastal erosion - Haumoana H.B. 00.03
2005Flooding - Lower Nth Island31-Mar0.60.73
2005Storm damage Bay of Plenty25-Mar0.91.09
2005Flooding - Gisborne/East Cape23-Oct0.70.83
2005Christchurch Hailstorm23 & 24-Mar1315.80
2005BOP Tauranga / Matata18-May28.534.46
2005Greymouth Tornado10-Mar9.211.19
2005Rain Storm - Dunedin7-Feb56.09
2005Flooding - Wellington Region6-Jan2.53.05
2004Storm Damage - North Island20 & 21 Jan0.750.94
2004Flooding - Hawkes Bay18-Oct4.85.90
2004Eastern Bay of Plenty Floods17 & 19-Jul17.621.77
2004Storms - North and South Islands15 & 20 Aug8.710.74
2004Storm Damage - Lower Nth Island15 & 16 Feb112140.06
2004Wanganui Hailstorm6-Apr1.31.62
2003Lower North Island Flooding / Storm Damage9 -10-Jun11.27
2003North & South Islands / Storms & Floods3 & 4 Oct2.32.90
2002North Island Flooding / Storm Damage21-Jun21.527.69
2002Dunedin Flooding17-Jan0.30.39
2002Canterbury Flooding14-Jan0.250.33
2002Wellington / Wairarapa Flooding10-Jan0.60.78
2002Canterbury Hail Storm5-Jan33.92
2001Wellington / Wairarapa Floods10-Dec0.60.79
2001Masterton Hailstorm7-Jan1.52.00
2001Storm Damage North Island4 Nov0.50.66
2000North Island Severe Weather26-Sep4.25.66
2000Canterbury Storms12-Oct9.412.63
2000Tauranga / Eastern Bay of Plenty Floods10-Apr1.92.61
2000Auckland / Coromandel Floods3-Jul7.610.37
1999Northland & Pukekohe Floods22-Jan56.96
1999Dargaville Floods18-Apr1.72.37
1999South Canterbury Storms2-Jul0.60.84
1999Whangarei / Rotorua Floods1-May2.12.93
1999Queenstown Lakes District Floods1-Dec46.163.83
1998North & South Islands Storms30-Oct22.77
1998Upper North Island Storms29-Nov56.93
1998North & South Islands Storms22-Oct6.28.57
1998Mercury Energy Crisis1-May10.214.19
1998North & South Island Floods / Storms1-Jul11.816.36
1997Northland Floods30-Jun1.21.69
1997Auckland Floods28-Sep0.70.98
1997Coromandel Floods25-Sep0.50.70
1997Auckland Floods24-May3.75.22
1997South Island Storms21-Jan1.11.55
1997South Island Windstorms19-Dec0.20.28
1997Southland & Otago Wind & Hail13-Nov0.40.56
1997Cyclone Dreena11-Jan3.24.50
1997Wairoa Floods3-Jun0.50.71
1997North & South Island Windstorms1-Dec2.94.05
1996Cyclone Fergus30-Dec1.62.25
1996Weather related losses June & July3-Jul8.111.55
1996Weather related losses1-Dec2.12.96
1995Whangarei & District Floods 1.72.47
1995New Plymouth Floods25-Apr3.65.27
1995Thames / Kaiaua Floods18-Jul2.84.07
1995North & South Island Floods2-Jul4.56.54
1994Hastings Hailstorm * 10.816.43
1994South Canterbury Floods19-Feb1.52.29
1994North & South Storm / Floods1-Nov68.98
1993Kaikoura Flood24-Dec7.611.61
1992Auckland Tornado 1.11.71
1992Canterbury Snowstorm28-Aug710.88
1991Albany Tornado 1.52.36
1991Otago Floods18-Feb1.62.53
1990Taranaki / Wanganui Floods8-Aug1.82.90
1988Manawatu Floods25-Jul2.54.53
1988Cyclone Bola8-Mar3768.08
1988Greymouth Floods1-Sep13.424.21
1988Greymouth Floods1-May3.25.85
1987Bay of Plenty Earthquake 192371.12
1986Auckland Floods 0.40.92
1986Nelson Floods 0.40.92
1986North Otago / South Canterbury Floods13-Mar18.543.88
1985Thames / Coromandel / Te Aroha 5.914.98
1985Wellington / Hutt Valley 1.43.55
1985Auckland Floods 3.69.14
1985Chatham Islands 0.82.03
1985Gisborne Floods 1.74.32
1985Hawkes Bay / Wairarapa 0.92.28
1985South Auckland1-May2.97.60
1984Greymouth Floods 3.510.36
1984Auckland Floods 1.85.33
1984Invercargill / Southland Floods1-Jan45.8139.51
1983Christchurch Storm 3.510.85
1983Marlborough / Golden Bay Floods 2.37.13
1981Keri Keri Floods1-Mar28.25
1981Thames / Coromandel / Paeroa Floods1-Apr728.57
1980South Island Summer Floods17-Jan2.311.16
1980Taieri / Otago / New Plymouth Floods5-Jun836.55
1980Onehunga Tornado1 Aug14.46
1978Otago Floods16-Oct10.359.94
1976Wellington / Hutt Valley Floods 6.247.55
1975Canterbury Storms1-Aug762.41
1968Wahine storm10-Apr3.557.40
1968Loss of Wahine10-Apr10164.00